Saturday, August 3, 2013

About my lastest Dr Appointment and biopsy

I had a biopsy done the good thing is it is not melanoma so as far as the Melanoma 4 months out there is no sign of a problem…
The not so good news is the place on my right cheek is basil cell I will be having it removed Wednesday it will most likely be a all morning thing because I am having it removed by mohs surgery which will hopefully leave less of a scar on my face I have been warned because of the bruising and swelling that it will look really bad for a couple weeks or more but after it starts healing I will be happy with the results and after a year it will be mostly faded and you will have to be looking for it…but ya know it is just another battle scar in my fight against skin cancer
I want to say this you guys be safe don’t tan and use sun screen be smarter than I was